Leahy Class Silhouette from the CG period

USS Gridley DLG/CG 21


USS Gridley  DDG 101 at 30 Knots on Sea Trials in August 2006

The Spirit Continues


Another important addition is the photo of GRIDLEY being broken up in Texas.  See it here!

See if this matches your recollection of shipboard life!
Great pictures of GRIDLEY underway, with sound effects!  Click here!
A little Naval Lore from Jim Hampton
Some Engineering pictures from Robert Linley MM1
More Engineer pictures from Robert Miller BT2
See the wardroom gang circa 1968
Kevin Reilly's pictures from the early 80's
Brent Curtis sends us an incredible tale of GRIDLEY during the 69-71 period.
John Sporleder's, and others,  recollections of the suicide on GRIDLEY's first cruise

Please note that this site is no longer being updated.  I did it for ten years and it just got to be too much.  There are several options to get in touch with former crew members.
There is an e-mail group where members can post messages that go to everyone in the group.  Here is how it works - you go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ussgridley and click on the link to subscribe.  Fill out all of the required information and follow the instructions.  One of the moderators will approve your membership and then you will get confirmation of that.  This is to keep the list closed to those who were truly crew members.
Once you are a member of the list, you can send a message to ussgridley@yahoogroups.com and it will go out to all of the other members.  Please note that you must subscribe.  After you are enrolled, you can change your profile so that you receive each message, periodic summaries or only read your messages when you go online. 


There is also a Facebook site at   USS Gridley DLG/CG-21.  It has almost 300 members


If there is anyone who wishes to take on this site and has the knowhow to do so, please contact me at pwcarter@ix.netcom.com.




See our salute to Petty Officer William J. Duggan, to our knowledge, GRIDLEY's only combat casualty.  Click here.
Some great anecdotes from Dave Brioch from GRIDLEY's first cruise.  Some of the other plank owners might want to make some comments. (Last item on the page)
In 1967 GRIDLEY made a stop in Wellington, New Zealand.  Now, 34 years later, a lovely young woman and her daughter are looking for their father and grandfather.  Don't get nervous, thanks to their GRIDLEY uncles, he knows who he is.  Get the story here!
Subic Bay means different things to GRIDLEY sailors from different era's.  I (Phil Carter) have been back to the Philippines many times since getting out of the Navy but never back to Olongapo.  David Springer sent me a slide show which I have put out on the Yahoo message board in the files section  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ussgridley/files/ .

You can download it and run it on your computer.  It is a self-executing file so you don't need any special software.  I read recently that what was a booming economy has fallen on hard times but I am sure we all wish them well.  The file is 1.5 meg so those of you without broadband should be prepared.  It is worth it though!

Stop the press!  Check out http://www.subicbaypi.com/ .  The "girls of Olongapo" section brings back a few memories.  Some guys did not throw out all their pictures!

Read how GRIDLEY missed the Bi-centennial on July 4, 1976

Photo by Ray Haas, MissleEx 1976


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